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Roller Coaster Maker

A Library built in C#, that allows the user to build and ride roller coasters.
A Console Is Provided along with the library for usage, and testing.
A Front end project should be able to consume this library easily.

This is open sourced to expose code to be used by others, and for anyone who wants to help work on the project.

The Download has a console, with the RCLibrary.dll in its most recent stable state.

Current Status: Beta

Build Functions: Straight, Left, Right, Up, Down, Upward, Downward. AutoLoop, Loop, GetToGround, GetToFinshArea, FinshCoaster, StartTracks
Support Build Functions: GetToX, GetToY, GetToZ, GetToXY, GetToXYZ
Rules: MinX, MinY, MinZ, MaxX, MaxY, MaxZ, Collison, StartTracks, CheckAngle
Auto Fix Functions: FixMaxX, FixMinX, FixMaxY, FixMinY, FixMinZ, FixTrackCollison
Rider Functions: Ride, Pause, Restart, GoTo%.

To Do:
Testing, The current Version is the First release with all functionality completed.


A WebGL, using three.js Front End:

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